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How can I get copies of a journal articles/papers in a journal/books/conference proceedings which are not available?

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014  |  3014 Views

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To recommend a book for purchase instead see this.

If an article/paper in a journal/book/conference proceeding you need is not available in NUS Library’s collection, the Document Delivery Service (DDS) can obtain it for you. This is available only for Academic Staff and eligible Students (Graduate, Honours and Final Year students). 

Please check if the item you need is held or accessible via NUS Libraries' collection first (See instructions for finding journal articles), before submitting the request.

The request forms to use for document delivery service are accessible via the Library portal.

If you are already logged into the portal, the form should already be listed under My Services (or click on More) if you are eligible for service. 

If not to access these forms,

  1. Go to the NUS Libraries Portal.
  2. Click on the appropriate "Services For ..." link.




   3. Under Document Delivery Services, select Purchase articles/ book chapters/conference papers not found in NUS Libraries.    Please do not select "Document Delivery Service for staff from NUS-Affiliated National Research Institutes/Centers" unless you are from A*Star etc.

   4. You will be usually prompted to login to the library portal.

   5. Fill in the form with details of the item you are requesting. Source of citation refers to where you found the article, it could be from another database (name it), from a friend/supervisor/collegues or a reference at the end of another paper (name title of paper or book).

   6.  For academic staff, click Submit to send the request to the Library electronically 

   7.  For student requests, enter your supervisor’s email address on the request form. On completing the form electronically, your supervisor will be informed of your request via email. If the request is not approved, the supervisor will inform you accordingly.

When the request is fulfilled. you will be informed via email when the item you request is available for download or collection.

For more information about eligibility for the service, copyright regulation, procedures, etc, go to:


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  1. Hi Peck Suan,

    Do you want to show the new option for DDS for Yale-NUS staff and students?
    by Ming Guang Han on Aug 21, 2014.

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