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What is the "Search Library Catalogue" option in 360 link or link resolver screen for?

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2014  |  716 Views
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As a first option, you should select the full-text links available (either Read Article , Browse Journal, or Browse Issue) which will usually link you to the article directly if not the journal site.

These links are usually guaranteed to work (if they appear) because they are shown only if the library has access to that particular journal article (this takes into account online coverage by date). 

Only if such links are not available, or do not work, then you should try the options 

  • Search Library Catalog (By ISSN, By title)
  • Search Google Scholar

1. Read Article Link 

Try the first ranked Read Article Link in the table, if that doesn't work, click back and try the second Read Article in the new row , try all those links one by one.

2. Browse Journal or Browse Issue Link

Sometimes there will be no Read Article link (or the links are broken), but there may be a Browse Journal or Issue link. If so click on that, it will bring you to the online journal site or issue but not directly to the article , you will have to browse or search for the specific article to find it once there.

3. Search Library Catalog Link

The Read Article/browse Journal links to the full-text may not appear if the library does not have an online copy or that link may be broken or missing for various reasons due to limitations of the system such as OpenURL targetting issues, inaccurate holdings data etc.

To confirm if the library really has access (in particular for print versions)  go to Search Library Catalog row and click to do a search by title and/or ISSN search (if it exists) 

ISSN stands for international standard serial number and is a unique indentifier or ID for each journal title (e.g. The journal title International journal of managerial finance has a ISSN of 1743-9132). Both options will search the library catalogue to see if the  journal exists in either print or online copy.

If the print or online versions exist while searching the library catalogue, you will then need to check if the particular volume or year exists and then go to them. For more details see this FAQ.

4. Search Google Scholar Link

Sometimes a free version exist, click on Search Google Scholar link below other resources to check.

If you still can't find the article you need after going through these steps, and this article is critical for your research, you can try to request for the article using our Document Delivery Service. This is available only to Academic Staff, Graduate students and honours year student. 

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