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How are the search results displayed in InfoGate?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2013  |  59 Views

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Note as of 12 Dec 2012, we have launched a new superior search tool to Infogate - FindMore@NUSL which searches books, articles, dissertations & more. This is now available as the default tab on the portal as "FindMore". We highly recommend you search using that instead of InfoGate as you will get more and higher quality results at a much faster speed. InfoGate is going to be phased out but if you still want to access InfoGate for now here's the link to access it.

The results are displayed in tabs by resource name. The resource that completes its search first displays its results first. InfoGate presents the results as retrieved from each database searched. For example, at the Scopus search interface, the results are arranged by date. In InfoGate, the results returned from Scopus are displayed in the same order.


InfoGate does not try to rank different results retrieved across the searched resources by relevance. When the "View All Results Interfiled" option is on, the search results will be displayed in the order in which they were received.


InfoGate processes the results in real time. The left hand panel of the results page indicates the progress of the search as well as the hits returned for each resource (e.g. Scopus Done 40 of 1403).

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