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The Press Clippings Collection is produced by the librarians at National university of Singapore as early as 1957. The scope of the collection covers newspaper articles on Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an entity) published in The Straits Times, The Sunday Times and  The Business Times. 

Picture of a bound volume of Press Clippings 

Press Clippings Collection - Subject Headings List

While you can search most of Straits Times online now, these press clippings help collocate print articles of the same topic/subject together.

Press Clippings Collections are organised by Subject Headings. These subject headings have changed over the years since the 1950s.

The clippings started with a few general subject headings and these were subsequently expanded.

A number of  headings created in 1950s are still in existence, e.g. Economic Conditions (1957-), Industrial Relations (1958-), Political Parties (1959-), Tin (1959-).

Throughout the years, new headings were also created to further improve access and to cover new significant events.

On the other hand, some headings were closed for various reasons such as when there was no longer coverage of a particular topic. Headings which were closed include The First Malaysia Parliament and the First Malaysian Budget (1963-64) and Legislative Assembly: Singapore (1958-65). Among the newer headings closed was one on the collapse of Barings Bank (Barings Collapse), created in February 1995.

To check what subject headings are used for the press clippings, refer to this list of subject headings.

Sample of a Press clipping  

Most of the press clippings are now kept in the Closed Stacks. You can also search for them in FindMore@NUSL as follows:

1. Search for "Press clippings collection" in FindMore@NUSL and restrict "Items in the library catalog".

2. You can look through the whole list or try some subject terms such as Singapore - Election .

3. Refer to the following list for a full list of subject headings available. 

If you are researching a personality, you may want to refer to our Personality files which include contents other than the newspapers. Please contact Information Services for more details on how to access these Personality files.

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