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DOI stands for "Digital Object Identifier". 

You will usually encounter it as part of a citation in a bibliography or as a field in a online database record.

DOIs are unique identifiers for articles, just as ISBN is unique indentifer for books and ISSN for serials. 

A DOI will typically start with '' and may have slashes and digits. eg 10.1080/02185370902767581

Given a DOI, you can check to see if the article is available online via our subscriptions. There are 2 ways to do it.

1. Using FindMore@NUSL

For best results do a search wth the following syntax in the default library search, FindMore@NUSL

doi:("x") where x is the doi.

If you do not use this syntax and just enter 10.1080/02185370902767581 in FindMore@NUSL, it may not always work.

For exampe, search


2. Using citation linker

Using FindMore@NUSL means you are limited to finding only articles indexed in there and may miss full-text articles we have that are not indexed (included) in FindMore@NUSL. 

Go to the Citation Linker and enter just the DOI. 

You can also find the citation linker by going

1. To FindMore@NUSL

2. Click on E-Resources List at top of paper

3. Click on CITATION LINKER on top grey bar

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