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You may follow the steps below to submit your research works to ScholarBank@NUS:


1.  Check for the versions allowed for archiving in institutional repository

Before submitting your work,

·         check that the work was produced at NUS. For more information on this, see FAQ What types of materials can be submitted to ScholarBank@NUS?

·         check for the versions allowed for self-archiving in institutional repository. For more information on this, see FAQ, What versions of a work are allowed for self-archiving?

·         ensure that you have version(s) allowed.

Fig. 1. The different versions that can be submitted to ScholarBank@NUS


2.  Search the title of your work on ScholarBank@NUS

Go to ScholarBank@NUS  and search the title of your work.

  • If your work is not listed, go to Step 3 Submit your work.
  • If your work is already listed, go to Step 4 Upload the files of your work.

To speed up the submission process, the ScholarBank@NUS team has imported most of the metadata in NUS publications. You simply need to upload your file if your publication's metadata is already in ScholarBank@NUS.


3.  Submit your work

If your work is not listed in ScholarBank@NUS, click on Submit/View Works in the website menu and follow the steps.

4.  Upload the files of your work

If your work is already listed in ScholarBank@NUS, click on the record. Then click on File Upload and follow the steps. The recommended naming convention for file submission is as follows:

Naming convention




·  yyyy = year of publication, followed by hypen ("-")

·  title = first 5 words or less in the title separated by underscore ("-") between each word, excluding preposition

·  version: preprint, postprint or pub

·  xxx = file format

·  All in small letters


If you have any queries for submission into ScholarBank@NUS, please email us at

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