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 1. Login to myPortal using your nusnet ID and password

myPortal before login
myPortal before login

Your name will appear after login
Your name will appear after login

 2. Click the orange “+ Add” button

add button

 3. Search or Browse for a Title

 4. Slide the button under Add/Remove column to save the title/s. Green indicates that the title has been added to your favourites list.

 5. To remove titles, click on x beside the title or slide the switch to the left after searching on the search window (as above). 

remove title

 6. To add a portal page to the favourites list, after logging in, go to the page and click on Favourite on the top right of the page.

add favourites
Before adding favourites

favorite changes colour
Favourite changes colour when added

7. You can also add your favourite links to myPortal and when I say favourite, I mean any link! This works like a bookmark on your browser. Have a news website or blog you frequently visit? Add it here! This means you will have your favourite e-journals, e-books, databases and links all in one page. Talk about convenient!

  • Click on edit under 'Favourite Links'

  • Insert the title of the webpage and its URL and click 'Add'! Note: Both fields must be filled.

  • Once that is done, you'll see your links listed. You can simply click on the link to access the page.

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