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In the PH Room, located on the 5th level of the Central Library, there are a couple of power towers/adapters that have been placed for your use. The powers towers look like this:


Procedure to use the Power Tower/Adapter

1) Before using the power tower, you will need to borrow the Power Tower adapter head:

2) The power tower adapter head can be borrowed from the Loan Counter at level 4 of the Central Library

3) Please return the adapter head at the loan counter before the library closes. There is a fine of $0.50 per hour if you do not return the adapter on time.


Instructions on how to use the Power Tower/Adapter

1) First make sure that the power tower is connected to a power point and turned on

2) Insert the adapter into the power tower by:

3) Do note that the power tower/adapter can fit about 5 adapter heads on each side.

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