Answered By: Poh Lay TAN
Last Updated: May 10, 2021     Views: 6

The NUS Libraries article recommender is an AI-based system that aims to identify relevant and/or interesting library items to users based on usage data and content analysis of library resources. The list of recommendations can help to broaden users’ initial search query and discover other resources by suggesting potentially relevant and/or interesting articles not picked up by the conventional search. Simply click on the links shown to access the specific resources (you may be prompted to login for subscribed resources).

The recommender uses Machine Learning (ML) models and is trained based on usage data for library resources. It utilises algorithms such as collaborative filtering and content-based filtering to select and make the recommendations.

Will it replace the library search features and databases?
No, it is meant to complement the search features and databases. These existing search tools are good at showing you results based on keywords or when you know exactly what you are looking for. In contrast, the recommender makes recommendation by looking at similar items and/or usage by other users like you, balancing qualities such as relevance, appeal and serendipity.

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