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Important Notes:


· Only NUS staff and students are allowed to book the Medical Library discussion rooms (Room 1 and Room 2).


· Each user is entitled to a maximum of 2 hours per day. Minimum is 1 hour. Online reservations can be made only one day in advance.

· Proceed straight to the room at the time of your booking. If there are other users in the room, please inform them that you have booked the room.

· Online bookings are valid only from the start of library opening hours to one hour before closing (please refer to for Medical Library's opening hours)

For further queries, please contact Medical Library Information/Loans Desk at tel. 65162046, email:

Here are instructions on how to reserve a discussion room at the Medical Library online. For use of Discussion Room 3 in Medical Library see this FAQ instead.

  1. Please ensure that you are in campus and using NUS network to book the discussion rooms. If you are off-campus, please login into NUS nVPN first before booking the discussion room.
  2. Go to NUS Library homepage.
  3. Click on More Services For and select the user type:
  4. Click on the Book Discussion Room link
  5. At the login screen, enter your NUSNET ID and Password

  6. Select General Facility.

  7. At the CHOOSE VENUE field, click on the drop down button.

  8. Look for heading CLB-06-XX Discussion room 1, 2 ,etc. and click on the discussion room number of your choice.

  9. At the CHOOSE field select the month using the drop down button.

  10. Check the Calendar and click on the ORANGE dot for the date you want to make your booking.

  11. At the FROM field, select the time you want to book (not more than 3 hours per booking).

  12. At the PURPOSE field, enter a reason why you need to use the room.

  13. Click the SUBMIT button once you have provided all the correct information.

  14. Check the information and click OK after verifying the information.

  15. Check the Calendar again. If your USER ID is on the Calendar for the date you booked, it means that your booking is successful.

  16. Click on LOGOFF to sign out. Otherwise the next user will be booking under your name.


Rules & Regulations on the Use of Medical Library Discussion Rooms


1. The Discussion Room is for NUS staff and students use only.

2. Group booking can be made one day in advance. Booking duration is in 1 hour slot to a maximum of 2 hours slot. Each booking requires minimum of 4 persons. Each group can only book up to 2 hours per day.

3. Users who have not booked the room are expected to vacate once there is a booking.

4. No smoking, eating or drinking in Discussion Rooms is allowed. Audio appliances are strictly prohibited in the rooms.

5. Users should not leave any personal belongings in the rooms, nor use them for occupying the room while nobody is around. The library will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.


6. Users must ensure that all personal belongings and Library books are removed from the room before leaving.


7. It is expected that the room and its equipment be left in good condition (e.g. furniture arranged appropriately; white board cleaned after use; equipment wire plugged in.)


8. The Library reserves the right to access the rooms for inspection and withdraw the facilities from users who violate any of the regulations.

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