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Short term loan books are items that are in demand (typically but not always with at least 3 holds at a certain period) and are kept at the loan desk rather than open shelves with usually a shortened 7 day loan period (please confirm when you collect it at the desk). 

They typically have a location like CL HoldShelf (Loans Desk 3) or HSSML HoldShelf (Loans Desk). For such items you have to  request for it online first if possible, if not it is first come first served at the desk. Below shows an example of a short term loan book.

Once you have received email notice to collect the short term loan books from the approprate library, you have 5 days to collect the items if you are academic staff or external membership. For other members, you will have 3 days to collect the items (students, non-academic staff, etc.).

Short term books differ from RBR or Reserved Books/Readings . These are items recommended by lecturers and have even shorter loan periods of two hours.

Note : There are items with Status of "on hold shelf" but have other location codes , these are not short term loan books but are ordinary items that have being reserved/requested by others and are only currently at the loans desk.

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