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One of the main advantages of FindMore is that you can search directly for online journal article titles.

The correct way to search is just to search by journal title only.

Say you are searching for this

Yeoh, B. S. A. (2004). Cosmopolitanism and its exclusions in singapore. Urban Studies, 41(12), 2431-2445. doi: 10.1080/00420980412331297618

Correct way to search : Cosmopolitanism and its exclusions in singapore

May work but not recommended : Yeoh Cosmopolitanism and its exclusions in singapore  

Will not work : Yeoh, B. S. A. (2004). Cosmopolitanism and its exclusions in singapore. Urban Studies, 41(12), 2431-2445. doi: 10.1080/00420980412331297618

Will not work : Yeoh (2004) or Yeoh, B. S. A (2004)

You can also try searching by unique identifiers like digital object identifier DOI or PMID using the basic search which may work, but the recommended way is using the citiation linker.

To maximise chance of finding the item, check on "Log in to view even more results" at the top of the screen before searching.




What if it does not appear?

However sometimes even if you search the correct way it will not turn up. There are several reasons

1. Firstly the article may be findable in FindMore but because there are so many articles it may be buried at the bottom of the results. This is particularly true for article titles with common words. Use quotes around the article title and/or use advanced search with "With these words in the title" option usually solves this problem.

2. Secondly the article may not actually be found because either

a. In some cases FindMore does not have data from the journal, so article titles from that journal will never show up even if switched on. Sometimes coverage of a journal could be partial for certain years only. As of May 2014, this is true for many/most Law and Chinese material.

b. Even if an article might eventually appear in FindMore, there is a slight time delay between when and article first appears at the publisher site eg Sciencedirect, Wiley and when it is processed for FindMore, so the latest articles might take a while to appear here.

c. Articles that are not yet officially released may be seen on publisher sites (e.g "Early view" articles), these are typically not in FindMore until they are officially published. 

d. NUS Libraries has not yet turned on that journal or package so articles from that journal will not show in the search results. Typically only articles which the library has full text access will be turned on. With thousands of journals to add, we may have missed some.

So what do you do if an article is not found in FindMore? Try this faq for a more comprehensive method to confirm access.


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