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Besides restricting to subject terms (which are usually more granular than disciplines) , FindMore also classifies almost all materials (books, journal articles etc) into 59 disciplines. Note : disciplines differs from subject terms.

Examples of disciplines are Economics, Botany, Pharmacology, International Relations etc (see full list of disciplines).

This can be useful if you find the search giving you articles from disciplines that you are not interested in, because the same keywords can be used in different contexts (e.g Migration can be data migration or human migration), or you may be working in a multidisciplinary area and want to see how different disciplines have covered the area.

One idea for example is to search for a specific research methodology or statistical technique (eg Logit regression) and restrict to discipline for studies in specific disciplines. 


You can do so using the discipline facet.


Please note this is a OR function, so if you select Economics + Physics, it would give you items classed in either or both disciplines.

Additional note: Newspaper articles and some other less common content types such as music scores are currently not classified into disciplines, as such selecting a discipline will exclude them.

Automatically you can use special search boxes that are automatically restricted to specific disciplines. These are placed on the respective subject guides. Here's an example for Sociology


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