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As stated here , FindMore supports Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT (in caps) among other functions. Also even if you don't use them, by default there is a implied AND done between search terms.

For example if you search for

singapore media policy

this is the same as

singapore AND media AND policy

As such every search result pulled up in the search must have all 3 search terms.

However, one thing to take note is that the search term might be found not just in the title, author, note, summary etc but also in the full-text of the book or the article  and this can be easy to miss in the search results, leading you to wonder why a certain result appears.

To see if that is indeed the case, mouse over the result and scroll to the bottom, you should see this.



There is currently no way to exclude matching in full text of document, though you can force important words to match in the title/abstract/subject etc field only using advanced search

FindMore also matches variants of words you are looking for, such as plurals, British vs American spellings etc, so occasionally you might see search results that are not matching exactly what you searched for. 

For tips on getting more relevant results.

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