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Unlike the DRM free ebooks which can be printed, copied / pasted, and the downloaded copy never expires, the DRM protected titles in Taylor have some restrictions for downloading or printing. Also unlike the non-DRM ebooks, you will need to download and install the free plugin first at Click on ‘this link’ to install the FileOpen plug-in on T&F Help & FAQ page (see screenshot)


There are three main versions you can select.

For Quick Access titles ("Quick access")  - Select this if you just want to read online immediately with no delay

•      No print, copy/paste allowed 

For online copies ("Standard access") - Select this if you want to print

•      Print allowance of 30 pages per user session

•      Copy / paste allowance of 1000 words per user session (2 hours)

For downloaded copies ("Download a copy") - Select this if you want to view offline but don't want to print

•     Valid for a limited period (2 hours only)

•      No print, copy/paste allowed 

As mentioned already, you will need to download the free plug-in at first before accessing these options.

At this moment, it is highly recommended that you try accessng T&F DRM ebooks with Internet Explorer 7-10 with compatibility mode OFF. If the options are greyed out or clicking on them does not give any result, please ensure the compatibility mode is OFF (see below).

Chrome users should disable the build-in PDF plugin. (see below).


Here are the detailed steps required for Windows users, this is for mac users

a) At the site of the plug-in installer, click on the ‘OK’ button to install the plug-in (see screenshot)

b) Accept the License agreement and click 'Install'

c) Click ‘Run’ on the pop-up screen - Do you want to run or save the file?

d) Click ‘Finish’ to complete the plug-in installation

e)  After installation of the plug-in, you can open to read the T&F DRM protected ebook by clicking on the ‘Open and Read’ link on the ebook homepage (see screenshot)


f) When the Access button is clicked, a pop-up will offer 3 options for users to choose to view the ebook:

i. ‘Quick Access’ to access the content instantaneously
ii. ‘Standard Access’ to download a full PDF with limited printing and/or copying
iii. ‘Download a copy’ to read offline for a limited period

Special instructions for specific browsers

a) Internet explorer

If the Access screen is grayed out, please press F12 (on keyboard) to open the IE developer tools in the IE browser.

On the menu bar, click on browser mode and make sure that the version of the browser is ticked WITHOUT compatibility view and close.


b) Chrome

Users may encounter the error (Failed to load PDF document) when they click on “standard access” in Chrome.

For the workaround solution, there is a one-time setting required to disable the PDF plugin in Chrome. Please refer to the following steps:
1) Type chrome:plugins into address bar

The address changes to chrome://plugins/

In the list of plugins, one will be called “Chrome PDF viewer”,

2) Click on the link to enable so it displays as below.

3) Disable the Adobe Reader.

The screenshot below shows what your chrome plugins would look like after applying steps 2 and 3.


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