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Visiting Professors and researchers hosted by the NUS departments can be issued a temporary or term NUS staff card for identification purposes. Among other uses it can also be used to access libraries in NUS.

Please note that, Temporary and Term cards are issued by individual departments. Check with your department if you need one. If you are from the department and are unsure about the issuance of Term and Temporary Cards, this page might help.

If you are not affiliated or hosted by any NUS Department, you may have to consider paying for our membership options such as Access-Only Membership or Personal External Membership.


Temporary cards holders are able to access the various NUS libraries, however they do not have any borrowing privileges with NUS library.


Term card holders also have access to the various NUS Libraries. However, term card holders do not have automatic borrowing rights. If the term card holder requires borrowing rights, the requesting department/faculty has to apply, on behalf of the visitors/ contract staff members, to the Library for above mentioned borrowing rights.



To apply for borrowing privileges for Term Card holders, please proceed to this page.


A non-refundable registration fee of $5.35 ( including GST ) will be charged for each staff or student applying for membership.

Borrowing privileges will be given on a case by case basis. In addition, NUS Libraries requires the Department to undertake to pay all outstanding library debts incurred, in the event that the Term Card holder did not settle his/her debt before leaving the University. As a precautionary measure, please inform Term Card holder to clear any outstanding fines, and return items from NUS Libraries, one week before he/she leaves the University.

Do note that temporary and term card holders do not have automatic rights to access the libraries' e-resources. If the temporary and term card holder requires e-resources rights, an application has to be made to the library and access to the libraries' e-resources is only granted by a case to case basis.

If you have any queries or issues when applying for borrowing privileges for Term Card holders, please contact us at 6516-2016 during officer hours. Alternatively, you can also email us.

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