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DOI stands for "Digital Object Identifier". 

You will usually encounter it as part of a citation in a bibliography or as a field in a online database record.

DOIs are unique identifiers for articles, just as ISBN is unique indentifer for books and ISSN for serials. 

A DOI will typically start with '' and may have slashes and digits. eg 10.1080/02185370902767581

Given a DOI, you can check to see if the article is available online via our subscriptions. There are 2 ways to do it.


1. Using FindMore

For best results do a search wth the following syntax in the default library search, FindMore

doi:("x") where x is the doi.


If you do not use this syntax and just enter 10.1080/02185370902767581 in FindMore, it may not always work.


For exampe, search





2. Using citation linker

Using FindMore means you are limited to finding only articles indexed in there and may miss full-text articles we have that are not indexed (included) in FindMore. 

Go to the Citation Linker and enter just the DOI. 



You can also find the citation linker by going

1. To FindMore

2. Click on E-Resources List at top of paper

3. Click on CITATION LINKER on top grey bar

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