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Chances are the email contains Chinese or Japanese characters of the book/s you have borrowed. To fix this, please follow the instructions/visit the links for your email software to remedy the situation:

For Outlook 2010 and 2013

  1. From message subject view window, double click on the concerned message. (The following options only appear on Message Reading window -  "double click", but Message Preview window - "single click" )
  2. From "Move" column, click "Actions" tab.
  3. An "Actions" daughter window pops up. Hover on "Other Actions".
  4. An "Other Actions" daughter window pops up. Hover on "Encoding".
  5. Click on the appropriated encoding such as "Chinese Traditional (Big 5)". If you cannot find your desired encoding, click "More" first, and choose from the "More" selections.

For Outlook 2003

For browsers like Internet Explorer/Firefox/Google Chrome:

For Apple Safari Browser

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