Answered By: Ming Guang Han
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You can search for Colonial Office/Foreign Office/War Office Records in Findmore by following these steps:

1) Head to the library portal, click on the Findmore Tab and key in the CO/FO/WO records that you are looking for. Please ensure that you leave a space in between the letters and the numbers. If you join them together, you won't be able to locate the record in Findmore.


2) You should be able to see the CO/WO/DO record that you are looking for.



3) Some of the CO/WO/DO Records have been digitized and they can be accessed online, however there are some records that are still in microfilm format. For records that are still in microfilm format, you will have to physically borrow it and view it in the library using the microfilm readers or scanners.

For digitized formats, you will need NUS E-Resources rights to access.

You can visit this library guide for more information about Colonial Records and other Singapore Primary Sources.


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