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Section 52 of the Copyright Act (Chapter 63) has a special exception allowing NUS to communicate multiple copies of reasonable portions articles or book chapters to students.

There are a number of conditions that NUS must meet. One of the conditions is that the copyright owner has the right to seek equitable payment for the portion of the reading copied or communicated.

Details in the Copyright Declaration (S52) form would assist both parties to decide on an equitable remuneration for copying or communication of the reading.

Therefore faculty are required to complete the S52 form before readings are published on LumiNUS.

(S52 forms must be completed online in the Copyright Declaration System)

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"(11)  Where copies of the whole or a part of a work, not being copies stated in the record to be copies to which subsection (9) or (10) applies, are made by or on behalf of the body administering an educational institution and, by virtue of this section, the making of those copies does not infringe copyright in the work, that body shall, if the owner of the copyright in the work makes a request, in writing, at any time during the prescribed period after the making of the copies, for payment for the making of the copies, pay to the owner such an amount by way of equitable remuneration for the making of those copies as is agreed upon between the owner and the body or, in default of agreement, such amount as is determined by a Copyright Tribunal on the application of either the owner or the body."  Singapore Copyright Act (Cap. 63), Section 52(11).


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