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Access to the subscribed electronic resources is granted to visiting professors and researchers hosted by a NUS Department on a case by case basis due to licensing agreements.  

Please note that the request can only be made on behalf of the visiting professor or researcher by current staff hosting the visitor at the respective NUS departments. If you are unsure, please approach your department secretary. 

Individual users on Personal External, Corporate or Access Only memberships or Temporary Reader's Permit will not be able to request for access.

Requestors must first obtain a department visitor's account from NUS IT (previously Computer Centre) for the visitor. The account must bear the prefix of the department, for e.g XXXVYY, where XXX is the department code (e.g ARI, ELE) and YY is usually numbers. Do note that requestors will also be asked to provide official supporting documents for the visitor's appointment including their start and end dates. Requestors can follow these steps listed below to access the online request form via the library portal.


  1. Go to the NUS Libraries Portal.
  2. There is a dropdown box on the right. Select Academic/Executive/Professional Staff. For non E&P staff, please select "Non-Academic Staff" (Note: You have to be an existing NUS staff to apply on behalf for visitors)




   3. Under Other Services , select Apply for access to NUS Libraries' E-Resources.  (Do remember to only use Chrome/Firefox browser)

   4. Login with your NUSNET ID and Password

   5. Fill in the form with required details 


When the request is processed, you will be informed via email of the results of your application. If approved, the visitor NUSNET account you applied electronic resources rights for will be sent an email with instructions to accept the Appropriate Use Policy  (AUP). Please inform the user you are applying for to access that visitor email account as soon as possible and click on the link to accept the appropriate use policy (AUP).

This must be done, before we can activate that account for e-resources access. Please also use the EXT domain for access of E-Resources

Please note that the access to E-Resources is restricted to on-campus only.

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