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First make sure you installed the proxy bookmarklet correctly and you have used it on the correct page ie vendor/publisher pages not NUS Libraries' page.

If you get an error or if there is no error and you still cannot get the full text, you will need to do to check to see if the library actually has access.

First, enter the article title in the search box below to check through most of our collection.


If that still doesn't work you will have to  check the library catalogue by journal name e.g (Journal of Sociology) to see if there is access via another online source or if a print copy is available to confirm definitely if the library access.

Want to understand why the proxy bookmarklet doesn't work? Read on.


1) Library just does not have access to the item through that vendor/publisher page

The same journal article can be available on different multiple sites, we may actually have the article full-text online in another, publisher, aggregator or subscription agent site but not on the current page you are using the proxy bookmarklet on.

You may get the following error if it is a site we do not have access to- "URL Not Configured. You are trying to access a resource that the NUS Library Proxy Service has not been configured to work with."

Do note that even if we have access to a site eg, we may not have access to every item on the platform & you may still be asked to pay.


For example NUS Libraries does not provide access to full text articles from , but many of the articles there can usually be found another site that the library does have access to such as OVIDSP (depends on journal title).

Also the proxy bookmarklet works for source titles that are within the NUS Libraries subscription. However, NUS Libraries does not have subscription to every online article, for every year or  for every vendor/platform (e.g We do not subscribe to every article on Taylor & Francis platform).

Sometimes NUS Libraries just doesn't subscribe to that article online, but we may have the print version.


2) The database/platform does not properly support this method of access

It is possible that the proxy bookmarklet may not work on some databases. Please email us for assistance with the link of the database you are trying to access if you do encounter such issues.

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