Answered By: Ming Guang Han
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When you click on the FindIt!@ NUSLibraries link or button, two things might happen.

Firstly, 360 Link may feel that no online version exists, or is unable to get directly to the article and you may be sent to the 360link search page and if so just follow the steps there .

On the other hand, 360 Link you may think that full text is available and you may be brought directly to the article with a "sidebar helper" on side.

Usually, the article on the left of the "sidebarhelper window" loads but sometimes it fails. As seen below.

If so, click on the green Findit@nuslibraries bar on the right to expand further options.

Try the options below

1. If possible click on the "Try a Different Source" dropdown box. This should bring you to the article page. This should almost always get you the full text. If it does not, please report it to us.

2. Try "Browse Journal" or "Browse Issue" link. If so click on that, it will bring you to the online journal page but not directly to the article , you will have to browse or search for the specific article to find it.  

3. Lastly click on the "By ISSN" , "By ISBN" or "By Title" (if it exists) . This may allow you to find print copies of the journal or book, or in rare cases online versions. This may not get you the full text.

4. Lastly Click on "Search Google Scholar", you may be able to find a free online version. This may get you the full  text.

5. If none of these options work, it means the library may not have a copy either online or in print. You can request help.


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