Answered By: Thun Wendy
Last Updated: Feb 06, 2020     Views: 120 (also known as Issued Date) is the date when student first submitted his/her thesis for examination. (also known as Accessioned Date) is the date when the record is created in the system. (also known as Available Date) is currently set to be the same as Accessioned Date.

In the above example, the student submitted her thesis for examination on 23 Jul 2019.

Her record was created in ScholarBank@NUS on 31 Jan 2020.


Do note that:

  • Only the Issued Date is shown in the simple item view
  • The Issued Date is not to be taken as the date when the ScholarBank@NUS thesis record is created in the system or available on the Internet
  • The amount of metadata shown and whether full text is available or not is dependent on the collection (Open/Restricted/Closed) in which the thesis was deposited to. Please refer to the FAQ on “When are the abstract metadata and full text available for a particular Closed Collection thesis” for more details.

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