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While most thesis would be deposited into the Open Collection, there are some thesis which were initially deposited into a Closed Collection (with minimal metadata only) and then moved to the Open Collection (with full metadata and thesis) after an embargo period. This is usually the case for students who are filing for patent or intending to publish their thesis works.

  Thesis is under embargo for 2 years (from 18-07-2016 to 18-07-2018) Embargo period of thesis has ended
Date when the record is being viewed 20-07-2016 20-07-2018
Issued Date of the thesis 20-01-2016 20-01-2016
Accessioned Date / Available Date of the thesis 18-07-2016 18-07-2016
Collection in which the thesis is located Closed Open

Available Metadata

Minimal metadata such as:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Keyword

Additional metadata supplied:

  • Abstract
Full Text Availability No full text attached Full text attached


In the above scenario we have a thesis added into ScholarBank on 18-07-2016 and a user is looking at the item at 2 point in time: 20-07-2016 and 20-07-2018.

On 20-07-2016, he sees the thesis in the closed collection and the record contains minimal metadata i.e. no abstract and full text, metadata consists of only title, author and keyword.

After the embargo ends, the same user looks at the thesis again on 20-07-2018. This time, he notes that the thesis has been moved to the open collection, metadata has been enriched with abstract and full text is also available.

*Do note that the exact date when an item moved from Closed Collection to Open Collection is not available. Should you require this information, please contact ScholarBank (

For a definition of the issue date, accessioned date and available date, please refer to this FAQ.

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