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There are two main systems used to access library services.

Depending on the library service you seek, you will need either your Matriculation Number & Library PIN or NUSNET ID & password. The procedure for getting them or resetting them is different.



If you have forgotten your PIN, please see What is my PIN? or What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN?

Please note that your matriculation number differs from your NUSNET ID, it is what is stated exactly on your card.

The PIN is used to:  

1. Check your library loan record (MyLINC)



2. Request for items (place holds, request for closed stacks items etc) from LINC or LINC+


3. Borrow items at the library self-check machine


Some common issues

1. If you have forgotten your PIN, please see What is my PIN? or What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN?

2. Ensure you entered your Matriculation number (e.g A0077111X)  or Staff number (e.g 01234) not your NUSNET ID. For students please include the letter at the end and for the staff please include the zero a the beginning.


2. NUSNET ID & Password 

This is used to access among other services:

1. Login to IVLE & NUS email

2. Login to Library Portal and access library services via E-Forms (e.g Document DeliveryInterlibrary loanIntralibrary loan)


3. Access to e-resources via EZproxy



If necessary during the login please select the appropriate domain either NUSSTF for staff and NUSSTU for students in the drop-down menu or add the domain in front e.g NUSSTU\a0071111 or NUSSTF\E0001322 (for students matriculating from AY 2015/2016) or NUSSTF\clbtca

Some common issues

If you are unable to login, please ensure:

1. You are a student or staff of NUS. External personal members (including Alumni), corporate members, temp card or term card holders (cards issued with IDs starting with T or V) usually are not be able to login to the portal or access E-resources. You can check your loan record here.

2. If you are a new staff who recently joined us and have access to your NUS email, you probably can access eresources immediately, but your profile for the library portal (needed for other library services such as recommending book purchase) and loan account might not be setup yet. You will need to wait for a few days or contact us with details of your problem and we will assist you by informing the Library IT department. 

3. If you used to be able to login but now can't, your NUSNET ID password might have expired as NUS Computer Centre requires you change your password every 180 days. If you have forgotten your NUSNET password please see the following instructions. You may also be able to reset it via SMS

4. You are using Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Firefox, Chome or Safari . All other browsers are currently not officially supported and may have issues.

5. You are entering your NUSNET ID (the part in front of your NUS email. and not your staff number or matriculation number. For example enter

  • E0021312 (for students after Academic Year 2015/2016-)
  • A0066355 (for students matriculating from Academic Year 2010/2011 to Academic Year 2014/2015)
  • g0700625, u0700423 (for students before before Academic Year 2010/2011) 
  • ecettt (for staff)

6. You have entered your NUSNET password correctly. If you have forgotten your NUSNET password please see the following instructions.

7. For CFS (Clinical Faculty Staff), if you have issues accessing E-Resource, please contact the Medical Library or call 6516 2046 during office hours.



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